Business Accelerator we strive to give businesses, professionals and leaders the tools and support they need to level up and supercharge their businesses.

We give you the ability to walk into one of our events, network with professionals in a relaxed environment, enjoy a delicious catered lunch, listen to the wise words of a monthly speaker or attend a workshop, AND walk out with an entire box of tools that you need to propel yourself forward. Need a headshot for your website or Facebook or LinkedIn page? How about a 30 second video that conveys who you are and what your business stands for? A professionally written bio and other content on your social media and website that uniquely describes you? And an opportunity to review and practice your 30 second oral pitch that you need at networking events?

So many things factor into our businesses – from mindset coaching to a website health check to creating a powerful event flyer – and busy entrepreneurs just don’t have the time to chase down a ton of professionals and receive multiple services. At Business Accelerator, we do all that for you at one time and in one place – all at a heavily discounted price!

We are collaborative in nature; we want to tap into the genius of the many talented businessmen and women in the Dallas area who could share their gifts with us as speakers or vendors, or “pros” – providers who regularly attend, and time and time again provide consistent and high quality business services, from website development to writing content to photography and other visual tools. Customized and personalized for you.

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