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Seneca KMIR Alma is the founder of The KMIR Experience. He identifies as a H2H (Human to Human) Advocate instead of a motivational speaker. He defines a H2H Advocate as one who advocates human to human connection through a mutual combination of vulnerability and passion toward a collective growth. His unique style and approach of expanding human potential, love and imagination is centered from a place and desire to equally learn from other humans as he pours into them during his workshops or classes. The KMIR Experience is a collective journey made for collective humans.

Many of the concepts woven through-out The KMIR Experience were birthed from Seneca's many years in prison. The physical prison he found himself in as well as in the internal prison he continues to discover greater lessons of meaning and ultimately freedoms.

Seneca KMIR Alma is also an award-winning playwright, spiritual facilitator at the Dallas Meditation Center in Richardson, a dad to his son Elijah and a fitness/yoga/meditation trainer at GoodWork co-working space near Downtown Dallas.

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