The KMIR Social Medialess Challenge – One Promise at a time.

Our presentation is to help humans stay in remembrance of who they are in this post-COVID digital age. We will do this via our Social Media Less Challenge which encourages participants to reduce their social media footprint for three days to replace that time with doing something healthy for themselves, family, business or community. Our chief creative officer will also be introducing the “We, The Women” campaign in an effort to address the negative effects of social media in young girls and women. This is an extension of our Social Media Less Challenge which encourages young girls and women to heal these traumas with healthier habits. The KMIR Experience is about creating impactful and non-traditional ways to holistic health, mentally, physically, socially and environmentally. We look forward to the collective human journey!

Ths event is over, but visit our home page to see what is coming up next!

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