Vision Boards Don’t Work… Take Action Instead!

Example of the Vision & Action board each attendee will take home.

If you build it, they will come.

If you visualize it, it will happen.

Both of those iconic statements are false… kindof.

Simply building something does not guarantee it will be popular.  If Jerry Jones built Cowboys Stadium in North Eastern Saskatchewan, it probably wouldn’t be very popular.  For that matter, if it were built in Philidephia it would probably be burned to the ground.  If Mark Cuban had built Cowboys Stadium for the Mavericks, it would have been a colossal failure… its hard to dribble a basketball on astroturf.  The point is, that nothing is as simple as all that.  Buildings have to be built with their purpose, location, costs, and a myriad of other things taken into consideration.

I can visualize sprouting wings and flying above the clouds naked all day long… I can even visualize that for weeks or even years and it still won’t happen!  But let’s not get silly… if I visualize flying above the clouds and I even come up with a means to do so, I still don’t have to look to Icarus as a cautionary example because it still won’t happen.

I have always felt that the concept of visualization, while very powerful, has always been missing something.  A vision board specifically is missing something crucial.

What is missing, is ACTION!

In this workshop/seminar, I will take you from simply visualizing your perfect 2020 to taking action and learning how to figure out what actions will be needed in order to achieve that vision.  We will provide all attendees with a custom vision/action board for you to take with you and all the information you need to get it working as the center of your 2020 plans as well as a head start to getting it perfectly set up.


Ths event is over, but visit our home page to see what is coming up next!

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